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When I got pregnant with my little guy, my sister called me and said I should prepare myself for boredom – because being my plan was to be a stay at home mom and devote myself fully to my son (and husband). I thought a lot about that and told myself that I would keep myself busy with projects. And I did and do. And I’m so much happier for it. I love nap time because it’s not only a time for me to detox, but I use it to better myself and have some fun just for me. Being a stay at home mom is physically, mentally, and particularly emotionally exhausting. Moms need a mental release. Hopefully through this blog you can find a way to help yourself to a happier version of you.



A little more about me:

I love God

God is good. He made our taste buds so we can enjoy the good things in life. I’m so grateful for a fully-functioning tongue to experience a variety of flavors and hands that can slice and dice vegetables and strong arms that can stir for long periods of time. I also love the variety of fruits and vegetables He created and for giving us meat for our benefit. I love meat. I’m also grateful he created cookbooks. My limited knowledge of flavors and cooking methods is improved when I look to God’s other children and mimic what they’ve created.

I love family

I married the perfect man. Not only is he tall, dark and handsome, but he’s also funny and smart and kind. And he loves food. Whenever I watch cooking competitions I think, “If I ever competed (yeah right!), I could easily pinpoint my inspiration as my husband.” He’s so willing to try new recipes and actually enjoys helping me meal plan. When we travel, one of his favorite things to do is research the best places to eat – reading the reviews, checking prices, locations, etc. He is my perfect match.
We have an adorable toddler we absolutely adore and we’re waiting on the Lord to send us another one. Or two. Or three.

I love food

Let’s get real, you only came for the food. My cute little family and my unwavering faith in Christ is not why you’re visiting this blog. But thanks!
I am serious about food. Real food. I hate cold cereal and never have it on hand. Macaroni and cheese is among my least favorite foods. I haven’t been to McDonald’s in probably a decade.
When I graduated high school, I knew how to cook about a dozen things. I ate quite a bit of hamburger helper that first year. When one of my friends heard I was switching to culinary school he laughed. I lasted one semester. Chefs are way too serious about food. I’m not a perfectionist, I just like it to taste good. I got a business degree instead. So I make good food, in my own home, for my family and friends and I love it!