Chef in Training’s Chicken Pillows



Original Recipe:

When I was attending Southern Virginia University, my roommates and I decided to take turns cooking dinner for the whole apartment. My basketball roommate was a self-proclaimed “non-cook.” I don’t think she gave herself enough credit. She could make some on-the-spot chicken alfredo, and she introduced me to chicken pillows. I was slightly wary when she pulled them out of the oven – me worrying about how something seemingly complicated was made by a girl who watched Sportscenter while the rest of us were paining our nails. And then I took a bite. It was AWESOME! Who knew that someone who lived in basketball shorts and flip flops year round was going to introduce me to a future family staple?

When I got married, I knew this would be a winner with my husband, so I quickly set out to find a perfect recipe. Enter: chef-in-training. This was a winner right from the start. The crunchy exterior, the creamy interior,  topped with a warm gravy. My husband and I can eat all 8 in one meal (does that make us glutenous?). But each time I make it, I can’t help but think there’s something missing. It’s wonderfully creamy – maybe too creamy. It needs something fresh or something sharp to balance it out. My recommendation is to serve it with something acidic – like an apple salad. Prefect combination.

Now let’s talk about the actual recipe:


Have you found “the perfect recipe”? I would love to try it out!


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